aNorthern California rapper and lyricist RCnyst is high off the release of his second album, “The Real Thang,” and is ready to take on all comers as a master of lyrical word play and with a unique delivery style all his own.

An everyday family man who’s a monster on the microphone, RCnyst’s lyrics are complex and twisted; throwing a dose of reality to a genre that has forgotten where it came from. RCnyst will not apologize and offers no excuse for stimulating your mind, body and soul.

Making music with meaning, it’s impossible to put RCnyst in a box. Just when you think you understand the depth and methods of the words he spits, he moves in a different direction, taking along those who identify with his fight and leaving the rest behind.

His songs are about real life to which real people can relate. Issues like depression (Lost), pressure (This Life) and societal demands (Dreamland) are only some of the topics that RCnyst conveys honestly and sincerely on “The Real Thing,” as his life is one of experience. Of course, RCnyst knows how to have fun and songs like “Bounce,” a fan and concert favorite, show that no matter how hard life gets, you gotta have a good time and make a life worth waking up to each day.

From his debut album “All Gas No Gimmicks” in 2016 to present day, RCnyst has worked his craft and matured while never forgetting where he comes from and what really matters as he moves forward, taking his fans for what will be one hell of a ride.